Current Exhibits

Art Exhibition Featuring Raphaele Cohen-Bacry
Malaga Cove Library Gallery
Exhibit: July 21 - August 29, 2022
Open for viewing during regular library hours

Abstract Art Class with Raphaele: July 30, 2pm - 4pm, Registration required online or by calling 310-377-9584 x551

Raphaele is a painter and a mixed media artist. She was born and raised in Paris, France, where she studied painting and printmaking while completing her Doctorate in pharmacology and a degree in performing arts at l’Ecole de la Rue Blanche in Paris. She worked in her Parisian studio for several years, spending time in NYC to work with other artists. Raphaele permanently moved to the United States in 2003 and developed her art career mainly in southern California and in Arizona. She shows her work all around the country.

Raphaele works with many different media, and often chooses unexpected materials for her research, with a focus on art magazines and wallpaper, and lately playing cards in all formats. These will be presented in a touring exhibition in Las Vegas later this year.

Palos Verdes Library District's Art in Our Library Presents: Comic Hero Quote featuring art by Chris C. August 8 - September 9 Peninsula Center Library Foyer 701 Silver Spur Road, Rolling Hills Estates, 90274. For more info call 310-377-9584 x601Comic Hero Quote featuring art by Chris C.

Peninsula Center Library Foyer
Exhibit: August 8 - September 9, 2022
"I've always loved comics and how they can inspire young and old.  The process of creating this art brings me back to childhood and helps me remember the excitement of seeing all my heroes on brightly colored comic strips. Fusing the comics with bold and motivating ideas just seemed natural, and so fun to design.  You are your own hero!"  -Chris C.

Upcoming Exhibits


a Redondo Beach Art Group Exhibition
Malaga Cove Library Gallery
September 1 - October 24, 2022
Open for viewing during regular library hours 

Opening Reception: Friday September 9, 2022, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

The way something feels to physical touch comes immediately to mind when thinking of texture, but while some artists might invite people to touch their works, most use special techniques to show visually how something might feel. Some  artists use paints of varying thicknesses, specific camera filters, or sculpt with materials that have unique textures. In this show, Redondo Beach Art Group artists will explore texture using a variety of materials and media.

The Redondo Beach Art Group (RBAG) was founded in 2003 to create and promote artistic discussion, to provide camaraderie and encouragement to the artistic community, to collaborate, and to support the visual arts in the South Bay. The goal of RBAG is to support the arts, art education, public art and community involvement. Membership in the group is open to all artists residing and working in the South Bay and to people interested in furthering the arts and the cultural scene in Redondo Beach.

Brush of Giftedness by Heidi Dong
Peninsula Center Library Foyer
September 19 - October 17, 2022
Program and Reception: Tuesday September 27, 2022,  4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

After three years, Elizabeth (Liz) Michele Cantine, arts educator and author; Heidi Dong, artist; and the Quotable Quintet Dancers are so happy to share their performance integrating famous art, poetry, dance and music. The performers will dance to the words of Liz‘s original poetry about the artists and the corresponding interpretations by Heidi. The poetry and art are from Liz’s book, Brush of Giftedness. Heidi will also join Dahlia, Stephanie, Andrea, and Cole as they brush their giftedness to make art and poetry come alive through various genres of dance and music. 

Quotable Quintet is a dance group of young adults instructed and directed by Elizabeth (Ms. Liz) Cantine, former classroom and dance educator, current arts educator and author.  Dahlia, Heidi, Stephanie, and Andrea are original students from Ready, Willing and Able (RWA), a dance program for students with special needs, founded by Liz more than 18 years ago.  Cole danced in performances at St. Francis Episcopal Church where Liz choreographed. The group meets weekly to learn more about famous artists and explore various genres of dance. They perform outreaches at the Norris Theatre and in senior residences and are very excited and grateful to share their dances at this library event integrating art, poetry and dance.

About the artist:
Heidi Dong, a young woman with autism, has brushed her giftedness into 18 interpretations of famous artwork. Fifteen of her illustrations represent former artists, including Chagall, Cassatt, Matisse, Homer, Rockwell, van Gogh and Warhol. Two replicate present day artists Bradford and Romero plus one of her own works.  Heidi has been a serious student of visual art and dance for many years and is the illustrator of Elizabeth Michele Cantine’s book Brush of Giftedness. This book is a collection of original poems about well-known artists and Heidi‘s interpretations of a selected work from each artist. Please enjoy her art as a gift to you.

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