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The PVLD Adult Services department helps the public and library community by providing welcoming, responsive, professional customer service throughout the district.

We lead by identifying community needs as well as providing innovative and inspiring programming, responsible instruction, and opportunities for social connection.

We’re here to help.

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Reference Desk: (310) 377-9584 ext. 601


PVLD's books

The Disappearance of Adèle Bedeau
really liked it
The protagonists are unlikable, the setting depressing and the interactions decidedly creepy. There's no blood or gore but lots of dark, psychological interplay among the characters and between author, characters and reader. Well worth t...
Twists Of Fate
really liked it
Fascinating graphic novel about the not well known La Nueve, a group of Spanish loyalist who fought with the French to liberate Paris. Illustrated through the narrative of Miguel Campos a soldier of this brigade, we get a full history of...
My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life
really liked it
Very cute teen book. Elle's foster child dream has come true. She has been rescued by her long lost father who is a very successful businessman. Good news is, he wants her to live with him. Bad news is, she has to move to Japan. Elle has...
really liked it
I learned a new word just by reading this graphic novel: Entomophagy - human consumption of insects for food. A practice common around the world but one a lot of us probably know little about! This graphic novel takes the foodie chef sto...
The Library Book
it was amazing
What an interesting, chock-full-of-details book this is. Not only are the circumstances of the 1986 fire that devoured huge swaths of LAPL's Central Library's collection detailed, the fire itself becomes a character in the book. Later th...

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