Teacher Loan Cards

To obtain a teacher loan card, simply apply for a library card - if you don't already have one - and bring proof of your current employment in a teaching position at a school (including pre-schools), college or university. Teacher loan cards are updated annually.

  • Movies borrowed on a teacher loan card are exempt from fees for one loan period. Movies borrowed on a teacher loan card have the standard loan period of 2 days or 7 days. For movies with a 7 day loan period, additional weeks may be added at checkout for the regular $1 per week fee. Movies may be renewed 1 time for the regular fee. Fines do accrue on overdue movies.
  • The teacher loan period for other materials is 6 weeks. (Limits on high demand items & formats may apply)
  • Most items borrowed on a teacher loan card may be renewed 1 time for a period of 3 weeks. Items on which holds have been placed by another patron may not be renewed.
  • All other usual fees apply to items checked out on teacher loan cards.
  • The teacher, not the school, is responsible for all items and fees borrowed on a teacher loan card.

Bring the library to your classroom

Librarians can visit your classroom to:

  • Teach your students how to use the library online with their Student Success Card - perfect for I-search projects, reports and science experiments.
  • Perform booktalks – quick chats about fantastic books that intrigue, entertain and inspire your class.
  • Tell stories – support character development programs, encourage imagination and critical thinking skills, enhance social studies curriculum, serve as a springboard for creative writing.
  • Plan a field trip to the library for any of the above services. Your students can have a tour of the library, do their own research, see our extensive collections, and check out books too.

What else can the library do for you?

  • Take a look at our ready-made booklists for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Multicultural stories, Humor, Historical Fiction, Easy Nonfiction, Stories for the Social Studies Curriculum and more!
  • Ask us to customize a booklist, bibliography or pathfinder for your class assignments.
  • Is your assigned reading list more than a few years old? Let us do the work of refreshing and updating it!
  • Want some books for silent reading or a special assignment or topic? We call pull books and have them ready for you to pick up. If you have a long list, be sure to give us at least 24 hours!
  • Visit your department or faculty meetings