How to Enter the Contest

The contest begins on Monday, November 2nd, 2020. Submissions will be accepted through Sunday, November 29th, 2020. Early or late submissions will not be accepted. Submissions will only be accepted from participants in grades 6-12. You can enter once per week for a total of up to four entries. Duplicate entries in the same week will be disqualified. Finalists will be announced by direct contact to their email account. In order for your entry to be officially submitted and reviewed by the selection committee, it must be submitted directly via the forms that will be  available @ beginning on November 2, 2020.


Contest Details 


One entry per person per week. Finalists will be selected by a committee made up of PVLD librarians and winners will be selected by Brandy Colbert as advertised. All finalists will be invited to a short awards reception via Zoom in January 2021 and winners will be announced by Ms. Colbert at this time. Contestant agrees that Palos Verdes Library District (PVLD) may publish their name.Contestant gives PVLD one time publication rights; the selected winner, second and third place, and both honorable mention recipients MUST agree to publication on the PVLD website. PVLD reserves the right to not select a winner if, in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received. All decisions are final.



Prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest. There is no weekly prize awarded.


First Prize: Contest winner will receive $50.00. Entry will be published on the PVLD website.


Second and Third Place prizes, as well as two (2) Honorable Mention prizes will also be awarded. Second and Third Place will both be awarded $10 Amazon gift cards.

 Both Honorable Mention winners will be awarded a $5 Amazon gift card. 

 Entries will be published on the PVLD website. 


Writing Help



Email Megan Durazo